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Default 2014 QX70 Won't Start? Help!

Alright, I am desperate here. Today I went to turn on my QX. I pressed the "on" button and it made the starting up noise but it wouldn't "catch" (sorry, don't know a thing about car terminology).
Initially, I thought it might be the battery but that didn't add up (I've had dead batteries before--not at all the same thing).
I left it alone until the evening when my boyfriend came back and he tried it. He gave the car gas (i.e., pressed down on the pedal) when it was attempting to start up and then finally it turned on, but the right rear exhaust began fuming like crazy (a thick, white, heavy smoke) that smelled heavily of raw gasoline. We immediately shut off the car.

I live 4 hours away from an Infiniti dealership (I bought the car in Scottsdale, AZ but live in rural Northern AZ). The closest dealership is a Nissan about 1.5 hours from me which I have been taking it to for routine maintenance.

Some history: I bought the car lightly used, around 8k miles (was probably a loaner vehicle for the dealership). I have had 2 mishaps. Last January, I slid in the snow hitting a curb causing bearings in the front left and right wheels to be replaced as well as a bent tie rod.

About 2 months ago (while driving in pitch dark) I ran over (an already dead) dog that I couldn't see. Shortly after, car lost acceleration and power. RPMs would increase greatly but did not speed up. Dealership said there was nothing wrong, just a loose under-shield (?????).

Sorry this is lengthy but I am DESPERATE and do not want to be paying for guess work. Any ideas? Should I call Infiniti? I feel like I am going to get taken advantage of at this dealership. My poor car has been through a lot.....

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You might be able to have an Infiniti dealership pick up and drop off your vehicle. It's a service being more commonly offered these days. Call Infiniti and see what they say, it is a new car after all.
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So how did you make out?
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Originally Posted by urhstry View Post
So how did you make out?
At this point it had to work out, being months out from when his post was initially made, combine that with the fact not many people come online to rave about certain things, but when it comes to finding a solution... well, that's what forums and the internet overall is great for.

Still, like you, i'd like to see a response.
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